Hostel Facility

Academic Year 2016-17

Students provisionally admitted to hostels (Boys and Girls) are herby informed that they should take admission to hostel by paying the all required fees on or before August 10, 2016.

Provisional Hostel Allotment List (Boys) 

Provisional Hostel Allotment List (Girls)


DATE : 3rd July 2016.

Hostel Admission Notice

(Classes: UG - SY, TY and B Tech, PG - SY)


All the students of UG and PG who were not staying in the hostel during last academic year 2015-16 and are interested in getting accommodation in the hostels during academic year 2016-17 should apply for the admission to hostel.

The blank application forms with brochure are available in the Hostel Office on payment of Rs. 50/- (payment through online on onlinesbi site). Interested students should fill up the forms and submit to hostel office on or before July 18, 2016.




Details required for Hostel Admission


All the students those who were staying in hostels during the academic year  2015-16 and now promoted to higher classes are hereby informed to confirm their hostel admission for academic year 2016-17 by completing the following formalities.

1.     Fill up the hostel admission form. Hostel brochure with admission form is available in hostel office on payment of Rs. 50/-

2.     Pay the hostel fees Rs. 12000  and Rs. 5000/- (Deposit for newly admitted students) online in the college account

3.     Pay the mess fees online in hostel mess accounts as below:

Rs. 12000/-  (Rs. 15000/- for newly admitted students) for Girls' Hostel  in account no.  - 30614515896

Rs. 13500/-  (Rs. 15000/- for newly admitted students) for  Boys'  Hostel   in account no. - 30614514789


After payment of fees students should submit the application form along with copies of receipts of payment fees to the Hostel Office on or before  18th July  2016. The students who fail to pay the fees and submit the application form on or before July 18, 2016 will not be admitted to hostels.





Institute provides limited accommodation to UG (boys and girls), PG (girls only) and full time research scholars (single and family) of the institute.  The students need to apply for the hostel accommodation in a prescribed admission form available in the hostel brochure. The hostel brochure is available with the hostel office.


Hostel Accomadation for Direct Admitted students (Directly to second year after diploma) Girls and Boys :

All the students seeking  direct second year admission to SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded are hereby informed that

there are No Vacant seats, in Boys'  and Girls'  Hostels for second year admissions.


Hostel Fee structure (for Boys and Girls)

Sr. No.


Fees in Rs.


Hostel Fees (per year)



Hostel Deposit (for new admission) refundable


03.  Mesh Fees (Cooperative mess)             15000


Note: If any hostel student is expelled from hostel due to disciplinary action, all hostel fees will be forfeited.


Mess facility:

As on today, mess both in boys and girls hostel is being operated on cooperative basis by the students only. Mess fee is decided by the students’ mess committee (Approximately, it is Rs. 15000 per year).


Research Scholar Hostel (Family accommodation)



Research Scholar Hostel (Family accommodation)

     09 qtrs


Priority will be given to the research scholar joined under the Quality Improvement Program (QIP).


Rents for family accommodation in various types of quarters are as under:


‘C’ Type Quarter                                            : Rs.5000/- p.m. (including Electricity and Water Charges.)

‘B’ Type Quarter (Devgiri Building)             : Rs.3500/- p.m. (including Electricity and Water Charges.)

Research Scholar hostel                                 : Rs.2000/- p.m. (including Electricity and Water Charges.)

Guest Room                                                   : Rs.50/- per day



Hostels have following facilities in the institute campus:

  •  Table tennis
  •  Gymnasium  
  •  Co-operative mess
  •  Separate office
  •  Security guards
  •  Medical facilities


Payment of Fees:

Students admitted to hostel have to make necessary payments online using following link:


Warning about Ragging


“Ragging” of students, physically or mentally, is black spot on the society and is a cognizable offence. The students who have to face ragging can lose their mental stability and can spoil their lives.

All the students are informed not to do such inhuman and cruel act and should give up completely. If any students is found involved in ragging of juniors or any students, then matter will be handled very seriously. The student may be rusticated and the case may be handed over to the police. The students should take a serious of note of this and act accordingly.