Activities of TIEC

A very important initiative of  TIEC    is identify the entrepreneurship traits among the students of SGGS IE &T. These students will be supported through formal and informal activities by giving them the test of entrepreneurship to make them ready to be an entrepreneur by the time he/she completes the degree.


Inform Intervention

  • Competition "Nova" (Rising Star): It is a business competition in the first year for identification of entrepreneurial skills in students.
    • "Kalpana" - Ideation Camp involving multidisciplinary teams
    • "Star" Business plan and project competition.


Create formal intervention across all disciplines through planned curriculum 

  • Design course with practical orientation.- Part of regular syllabus
  • Product Design  Process - Professional Development course
  • A three-credit course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Over and above regular credits. It may be planned in Summer Session for select students.
  • Flexibility to take the "Star" project as final year 10 Credit project

Model for Formal and Informal Intervention for Capacity Building of Students


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Vishwas Kurundkar

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