An Appeal for Vision and Mission of the Institute

Dear All Stake holders,

an Appeal:

As you are aware our institute has achieved a commendable growth in the fields of academics, research, industrial collaborations, placement of students, connect with alumnae and availability of state of art infrastructure, in this decade. This growth could be achieved only due to strong commitment, involvement and hard work of all the stake holders. The institute has received continuous guidance and support from the Government of Maharashtra and Hon.BOG.

Owing to this, it was felt necessary to revisit the institution's Vision and Mission statements which were framed during 2003-04. To begin with, the responsibility of revising Vision and Mission statements was entrusted to a committee comprising of  Prof. B. M. Dabade, Prof. M. L. Waikar, Prof. B. M. Patre, Prof. S. T. Hamde, Dr. R. M. Manthalakar, Prof. P. S. Nalawade and Dr .L. G. Patil, Subsequently,  Prof. Y. V. Joshi and Dr. S. S. Gajre were also invited  as special invitees. Prof. L. M. Waghmare,  Director of the institute steered and guided all the brainstorming sessions. 

The first meeting took place on 16/01/2016 in A4 hall, where 115 faculty, staff and Class representatives were present. Valuable inputs were gathered in the meeting which later on became the starting point for further development. 

The subsequent meetings of the committee took place on 25-01-2016, 18-02-2016 and 20-02-2016 and arrived at the "DRAFT” VISION AND MISSION statements along with possible action plan.

All the stake holders (Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents and Students) responsible for the overall development of the institute are kindly requested to go through and give your valuable suggestions/recommendations/modifications etc by 29th Feb 2016 to Dean Academic (

All your suggestions will be discussed in the meeting and arrive at the final Vision and Mission statements of our institute in endeavor for the constant growth of our institute for time ahead



Yours Faithfully,

( Prof. L. M. WAGHMARE )