Summer Term Schedule 2017-18



     Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Vishnupuri, Nanded-431606


                         Summer Term Schedule ( Academic year  2017-18 )




Registration, Payment of Fees for Summer Term Examination & submission of documents to Exam Section.

21st – 25th May  2018


Registration  with late fees 

26th – 28th May 2018


Classes / Counselling for Summer Term  periods ( display of time table for classes with number of  students ≥20)

21st May – 9th June 2018


Summer  Term Theory Examination

11th – 25th  June  2018


Summer Term Practical Examination

26th  &  27th  June 2018


CAP duration for Summer Term Theory Examination

11th -27th June 2018


Display of Final Grades of Summer Term Examination in the departments

28th June  2018


Receipt of application forms for showing Summer Term answer sheets to students.

29th June 2018 2018


Showing answer sheets to the students

30th June  2018



     Controller of Examinations                          Dean (Academic)               Director