Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (TIEC)

TIEC – Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre is an initiative of Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Technology, Nanded for identifying entrepreneurial traits in the students and building their capacity for entrepreneurship and encouraging technology start-up on the campus. TIEC administers business incubator that provides support to Technology based entrepreneurs. Thus, the TIEC is an extension to the research carried out on the campus, that enables its monetizing either in form of technology or technology converted into product, which makes it relevant to Industry and societal needs.

Small cities like Nanded lack local employment opportunities as they are industrially underdeveloped.  As a result, almost 99 % of the employable graduates migrate to the Tier I cities in search of job opportunities. It further declines the chances of creating Industries and result is further loss of competitiveness. It is a vicious circle, by which these areas remains underdeveloped. 

At the same time metros are burdened with the ever increasing population affecting the quality of life of people working in those cities. Industry is concerned with the cost of setting up and running business and employees are tired of higher cost of living and time to commute. The small town business  model that  TIEC promotes offers a win-win situation for both industry and employees. 



  • Cultivate the culture of innovation, applied research, development and entrepreneurship.
  • Prepare the students by formal and informal interventions for technology business solutions.
  • Motivate the students to ideate, to access the potential of the idea and to provide mentoring for nurturing them towards success.
  • Set up an Incubation Centre on the campus and invite successful entrepreneur.  Application for a Startup
  • Encourage the launch of Students start-ups and incubate on the campus.
  • Create an ecosystem on campus for mentoring  the entrepreneurs and creating jobs to the employable students.
  • Create awareness of various  government schemes.
  • Attain prosperity of local economy by setting up Industry, creating jobs and employable students



Foster the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and build an ecosystem that meets regional needs keeping in mind the global market perspective by blending best of skills available at Institute and Technology with Industry; for the benefit of the economic growth of Nanded.


TIEC will create an ecosystem at SGGS IE & T and Nanded that will foster innovation, develop monetizable technology and build capacity among students by formal and  informal intervention to create environment of entrepreneurship for technology based industry that will lead creation of jobs and wealth for a small town like Nanded.


This is a draft version of the policies and activities of TIEC.


TIEC Incharge : Dr. S. S. Gajre, Dean Industry Liaison and Incharge TPO

TIEC Coordinator : Mr. Murli Mohan