Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, at Nanded (SGGS, in short) is an autonomous institute set up and 100% funded by Government of Maharashtra.

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Office Administration

Prof. S. S. Hatkar

 I/C Registrar 
Tel Office: 02462-269161
The Registrar is the administrative Head of the main office. He is in charge of the administration of the Institute. He assists the Director in all administrative and financial functions. He is on various committees constituted by the Director. He is the Member-Secretary of the Junior Staff Selection Committee constituted by the Board. 
Administative Staff

Establishment Section

1. Shri. H. D. Hazuriya -  02462-269162, - Communication with DTE, JDTE, AICTE, Senate, SRTMU, Nanded etc.

2. Shri. R. D. Yeramwar - 02462-269167 Regular Appointments, Faculty and Staff, Pension cases, Service book

3. Shri. S. P. Tokalwad -02462-269163 Contractual Appointments, Salary, personal files of regular faculty and staff etc.

4. Shri. A. D. Joshi

5. Shri. C. G. Kamble